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law developmentThis session will introduce members to the Trust’s litigation work on this space as well as latest developments in its considering and, through the case research of inequality in training, will see them considering practical purposes of the strategy. Participants might be invited to challenge the oft-held assertion by some that socio-financial rights are often aspirational and unenforceable.


What prompted me to revisit the topic is a recent experience I had when organizing an occasion on “The Rule of Law in Afghanistan” in 2013. The “Rechtskulturen” program of the Forum Transregionale Studien had invited the head of a rule-of-legislation promotion challenge of the GIZ, the leading German agency for growth cooperation, known as „Strengthening Administrative Education in Afghanistan“. The venture geared toward a extra efficient public administration by helping to determine basic and superior coaching for senior-stage public service employees in Afghanistan. We had also invited two Fellows of the Rechtskulturen program to touch upon the presentation. What was (perhaps naively) meant as an encounter between theory and practice ended up (possibly predictably) in a showcase of the abyss that separates the two worlds.

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It is uncommon that socio-economic rights such as education, social safety or well being for instance are equally unattainable for everybody in a given jurisdiction. Usually, when we are talking about violations of socio-economic rights, we are speaking about instances of discrimination or state failures to handle inequality. Indeed, the Sustainable Development Goals rightly establish tackling inequality as central to making sure that we “go away nobody behind” in development (See SDG 10).

You’ll acquire core information of the wider context framing legislation and policy on this area, while having the flexibility to tailor your diploma to fit your particular interests and career aspirations by choosing from a range of specialist human rights regulation and growth modules. Celine Tan is Associate Professor of Law.

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